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New in the PHP distro:

Somewhere Between #5 by Dan Gorostiaga

Measures 5.5 x 8.5 / 20 pages + Cover

Full bleed B&W photos, collages, and illustrations.  /100


So here’s an update: First off, sorry I’ve been pretty quiet on here lately. Life happens and sometimes other things demand your attention. Phone Home Press (which means me) is going to be relocating to Birmingham, Alabama at the beginning of next month. I started this whole thing since moving to Michigan and a lot of PHP’s personality has been shaped by Michigan and the Midwest in general but now it’s time for a new chapter. Once I get settled in down there work will resume and I expect the output to be better than ever, including my own personal work. In the meantime the store will stay open until the beginning of November and then it’ll be closed for a couple of weeks while I unpack and stuff. Consider going and getting some stuff and help me in my travels. Thanks everyone.

Last minute stuff happening! I’ll be setting up shop this Saturday at this show. The Trumbullplex rules, come hang out and drink all the beers with me. #trumbullplex #detroit #zines


S/O @joegoblyn for the sweet “Watch your Back” glow in the dark keychain and awesome “Born to Lose” patch! Just in time for #nyabf #joegoblyn #watchyourback #borntolose #applesauceind 📕📗📰🔑🎨📷

Awesome stuff from my buddy Joe Goblyn. Can’t wait to rock that keychain!

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12-zines Issue One // sixty pages // bound by hand // edition of 100 // photographs of the meat cutters of Eastern Market, Detroit //


Order by emailing: twelve.zines@gmail.com



Silva Rerum will be in full effect at the Detroit Art Book Fair, selling lots of goodies. With handmade journals, old faves and new arrivals from tinysplendor, uglyducklingpresse, pleasurezine, phonehomepress, Siglio Press, Gigantic, J&L Books, NewLights Press, we. are. pretty. pumped.

See you there (and at the after party — ask us where if you stop by this weekend)!

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Eternal Darkness by Sifry Borrayo and Paul Carrillo

"A glimpse into the dark underbelly of Los Angeles gothic nightclub culture."

5.5 x 8.5in. / B&W / All Film / Awesome Die-Cut Coverstock / Printed on High Quality Glossy Paper / 20 Pages + Cover

Published by Applesauce Industries

Get it from the Phone Home Press Distro

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Spreads from Consolation Prize by Brian Arnold

The overall theme of this handmade zine is feeling stagnant where you’re at and rethinking the major decisions you’ve made in your life. It’s about missing home but not being sure if home even still exists.

- 20 pages + Cover / Approx. 5.5in x 8.5in. 
- The covers for this zine are made from repurposed vintage file folders and feature a 4x6 print 
- All B&W 35mm film photos 
- Binding is hand stitched using hemp string 
- All text is hand stamped 
- Hand trimmed 
- Hand numbered /20 - PHP006 
- Initially made for the Grand Rapids Zine Fest

Get it HERE

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New additions to the Phone Home Press distro:

Issues #2, #3, and #4 of the Somewhere Between series by Daniel Gorostiaga. Daniel is an artist from Florida and has been making visual art since the late 90’s. He also played in seminal 90’s Doom/Sludge band CAVITY. The time and effort put in these books must be seen to be appreciated!

These zines feature photographs, collages, and illustrations all together in 3 glorious hand stitched volumes! Full bleed, Color and B&W.

Check out all the details and purchase HERE.

Check out these awesome handmade zines if you haven’t yet!

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Yashica Auto Focus S / 2014 Brian Arnold